We play to win but never forget we’re playing for fun

Hand of Unity is a multi-game EU based PvX family who play a variety of MMOs and other games. Our community prides itself on having a non-toxic and close knit environment where you can relax and enjoy those you play with, all while achieving server and world firsts. We have a vast amount of experience spanning multiple MMOs including ArcheAge, Age of Conan Black Desert Online, RIFT, New World, WoW, Lost Ark, Lineage 2 and many more.

We have been playing together as a group for many years with our Leaders having gamed together for the past thirty years. We have conquered a lot online under various guises including Exile, Taco Team 6, The Magisterium and most recently Hand of Unity. We eagerly anticipate the challenges that lay ahead be they PvE, PvP or crafting based!

Our Chapters

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Player Vs Environment

Our veteran Raid Leaders have been progressively and competitively raiding for the past two decades. From eight man all the way to forty man and from World of Warcraft to Lost Ark, our team have tried and tested loot systems, methods and leadership styles to squeeze the very best from our players in raids, dungeons and more.


Despite being a minor past time in some MMOs, our Quartermaster and crafters eagerly await any project that is thrown their way. Gathering resources and Constructing anything from ships, castle walls, weapons, houses, guild halls or armour. Our team have various server firsts from Animal Husbandry, Weaponsmithing and more.

Player Vs Player

Our veteran Shotcallers will guide and lead our forces into the battles that lay ahead. With a vast wealth of experience from games such as Black Desert Online, ArcheAge, Lineage 2, New world and more they are well prepared. In addition they hold a number of server firsts between them and they eagerly await any challenges that lay ahead.

Ashes of Creation

With over forty members in the Alpha 1 phase alone we aim to secure the very best information on the project. Our leadership for this game comprises several Kickstarter backers who live and breathe the project.

Our Plans

Server firsts such as breeding and dominance in certain areas such as the arena and node mayor-ship.

Medium to large scale PVP (Arenas, Open World, Caravans, Castles) and PVE Content (Node Leadership, Crafting, Dungeons & Raiding)

To provide a stable and sustainable region for all players to enjoy.

To become a major political presence on the server we choose to call home.

To secure the best possible information during the testing phases to shape our future strategy.

WoW Classic

Our members have played World of Warcraft since the initial release of the game back in 2004. This expertise in 40 man raiding, extensive class experience and game knowledge will ensure our return to Azeroth is a success.


All raid content in game on farm.

Highly ranked players (including rank 14) and constant battleground activity.

In future to clear all raid content and establish farm status.

Provide a lively guild and larger community.

Top 1% in Healer Parses (WoW Classic: WOTLK)

Throne and Liberty

HoU are looking into playing this spiritual successor to L2 to the hardcore standard. We have many experienced players from variety of games including AA, AION, L2, NW and TERA who are looking to dominate in this game.” Our accomplishments to be replaced with what we can promise.

Our Promises

Skilled and dedicated guildmates

High-level gameplay

Support and guidance

Competitive atmosphere

*Join our discord for more information on how to apply.


Our members have been hyped and involved with the project since announcement. This experience and interest will ensure that our community is thriving, productive and ready for the launch of Hytale.

Our Plans

Provide a large scale community server that is also available to the public.

Offer a modded and tailored experience to ensure progression and longevity.

Elect a team of dedicated admins to uphold the rules and keep content fresh

Provide a lively in-game guild and larger community on our Discord server.