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What We Offer

Hand of Unity is a long-standing game community with a well-organized structure, experienced management, and a diverse member base that plays a variety of games via our official chapters or outside of our official chapters so there is always something for everyone.

Community Tools

At the core of Hand of Unity is our dedicated members who have helped shape a fun, friendly and organized environment. We offer several community created tools to help with running and organizing of the community.


This custom programmed system facilitates our member database that allows us to ensure we identify the assets we have within the community as well as those skills and players we require.

Internally this system stores all of our member details and roster information on a chapter by chapter basis. Externally, this system functions as our recruitment platform, processes applications and houses our logistics.


This spreadsheet based monitoring system allows us to track the activity of users on a weekly basis in collaboration with our data analytics bot.

This enables us to identify individuals who may not be able to contribute as they promised during their application and take appropriate action. Users who are consistently active across Chapters can be highlighted and their contributions can be rewarded.


This database solution allows us to pool information on positive and negative member conduct throughout our chapters and within the community generally. It allows us to reward and promote internally based upon solid contributions at a Chapter and community wide level. Likewise it enables us to track bad behaviour and attempt to reform individuals. If this does not succeed then this system provides us with evidence, tracking and logistics in order to warn other communities on a global scale that we have good relationships with.


Our User Network Interactivity Token (UNIT) System is designed and programmed from the ground up to include Discord log in authentication and will track community activity levels of all guild members.

Individuals are rewarded for their participation in terms of PVE (crafting, trade runs, gathering, raiding etc) and also PVP (killing enemies, defending our players, sieges etc) and these tokens can be exchanged for items from the guild store as well as being traded with other guild members for services.

This is our way of rewarding contributions and ensuring that members get out when they put in to the community. We of course encourage members to help each other out but this is in place to ensure that no exploitation takes place for any parties involved.

We will work together and grow together!

Community Accomplishments

Not only has Hand of Unity built up a great community with several custom created tools, we have also acquired many feats over the years, a snapshot of the most recent can be found below.


WoW Classic

Server First Scarab Lord on Bloodfang.
Server first craft of Hand of Sulfuras.
Multiple Rank 14 players.


Region first successful Castle Siege.
Lord of Marcala Castle throughout Alpha.
Captured Heedmar Castle during Beta.

New World

Server first successful siege victory on Fae.
Server first Settlement Claim of Windward on Amenti.

Black Desert Online

Server first Black T7 Female Horse on Alustin at release.

Over Watch

Fifth place in Belong UK National Tournament.
Multiple Grandmaster and Master players in Competitive.
Top 1% Mercy and Reinhardt in Europe.

Ashes of Creation

Server first successful castle siege victory.


World first Luma Tateru capture.

Community Hierarchy

Our community chart shows the structure of the community, its hierarchy, and the relationships and relative ranks of its positions.

Ruling Council


Lead Community Manager


Compliance Community Manager


Community Manager


Community Manager
Introduction Lead


Data Analytics


Media Lead


Development Lead


Chapter Lead

Chapter Lead

Chapter Lead


Chapter Management



Social Members

Dev Team

Media Team

Theorycraft Team

Trial Members