Welcome to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Hand of Unity. It provides answers to common questions that you may have about joining, participating in events or issues, contacting moderators or administrators, and understanding the community guidelines. The FAQ is designed to help potential members quickly and easily find the information they need to fully engage with and enjoy the community.

What games have you played in the past as a guild?

We have been playing together as a guild for many years and our latest titles include World of Warcraft TBC, Bless Online, ArcheAge Unchained, Lost Ark, Minecraft, Genshin Impact and many others…

I only do PVE and/or PVP, will you consider me?

Absolutely, we judge each application individually and won’t refuse players because of their preferred playstyle unless we have a requirement as a guild. Do join our Discord to find out more regarding our current needs as a community.

Are you a hardcore or casual community?

There is an increasing number of players at the hardcore end of the spectrum but we do have semi-hardcore players as well. Overall there is certainly a nice mixture of playstyles and personality types. Whether you are a player with lots of free time or someone who plays in the evenings after work then we have a place for you.

Are you a serious and mature guild?

The majority of our members are over 25 and we do prefer members to be at least 18. We have quite an adult humour within the guild and some banter is part of an average day. That being said, we do focus and take things seriously when engaging in challenging MMO content.

Why do you have Two Leaders?

For more information on this do check out our community page but in short it is because we recognise that both PVE and PVP have a role in general, we like to ensure that both are represented equally. It is also so that we don’t have one overall person making all of the decisions.

What makes you different from other communities?

First of all, our members! We have played together as a group for over 5 years, with some of the members even gaming together for the past 30! Alongside there is a definite family feel to the group and a high level of daily activity. We have accomplished a lot in past games we have played together but realise that the people you are playing with are an equally important part. We also welcome all new players and it is easy to assimilate into our group.

You have two leaders, but do they listen to the members at all?

We aim to incorporate the members in as many decisions as we can. Our leadership meetings are always advertised to all members of the guild and anyone can request to join in on them to provide their opinion or viewpoint. Not only that, but a lot of ideas from members have been implemented into the community due to their popularity with members.

How does your leadership operate?

We operate a ruling council that is comprised of the two leaders and several officers. Within this forum we tend to debate and discuss topics before coming to an overall conclusion. Underneath this we have a number of coordinator positions who help to manage the community, run events and represent their specialist areas e.g. arena pvp, dungeons. When it comes to Ashes of Creation we intend to utilise technology to ensure we remain efficient, effective and well optimised. This has already begun using our custom-coded guild bot to retain info on member class choices. In terms of WOW Classic we have experienced leadership via our leaders, officers and WOW Classic Coordinators that will ensure we are prepared, organised and able to surpass the challenges ahead.

I have aspirations of being an Officer. Can I work my way up the ranks?

Absolutely! If you prove yourself to be a productive community member that contributes positively then this is very possible.

I have friends/a group of people that would like to join with me, do you accept groups?

We accept smaller groups (of less than five people) generally but do get in touch by joining our Discord to chat with the leadership.

I’m under 18 but really want to join, do you make exceptions?

We do for the right outlook and level of maturity, please join our Discord and have a chat with one of our officers.

Who organises events? Can I organise my own?

Absolutely, the Ruling council organises regular events however that doesn’t stop everyone else from doing so if they would like.

What is your approach to alliances for Ashes of Creation?

Our community are always open to forging new bonds and friendships with other guilds. We believe that alongside war and conquest there is a need for diplomacy, alliances and growth as a whole.

I enjoy playing MMOs but don’t feel that my skills in certain areas are up to scratch, can I still apply?

Absolutely, we don’t expect anyone to start out as a professional player. These things take practice, time and we certainly have officers who will be able to help you reach your full potential.

What experience do you all have when it comes to raiding?

We have extensive experience that includes everything from 10 man to 40 man raiding across games such as World of Warcraft, ESO, Everquest 2 and many more. This ranges from Raid leading to Class leadership as well as the logistics associated with these.

How does your community deal with drama?

Simply put, we don’t accept it. Individuals who are found to be a negative influence on the group or promote toxicity will be removed after a single chance to improve their behaviour. We subject applicants to such a rigorous recruitment process and trial period as we want to ensure their personality and approach to games fit with the group.

Where can I find out more info about the group?

Feel free to join our Discord for more info and to chat with our friendly Officer team.

Although you are a semi-hardcore/hardcore guild is there still a place for players who play more casually?

We are open to all types of player, regardless of play time. Within our Chapters we frequently have semi-hardcore to hardcore and casual guilds.

Do you only recruit from certain areas or regions?

Provided you plan to play on the EU servers then you are most welcome to apply. Our members come from a variety of countries including the UK, Germany, South Africa, Denmark, America, Sweden, Spain and many others.

Do you value PVP over PVE?

We consider both to be of equal importance in general, although this hasn’t always been the balance in previous MMOs. When approaching new releases such as Ashes of Creation or re-releases such as WOW Classic we like to represent in both elements. They have a reliance upon each other and this is something that we cannot take for granted.

I usually play with my partner, would it be possible for us to make a joint application?

Absolutely, if you would like to apply together at the same time with two applications or make one together then that is not a problem at all.